Why Poppy's Beds ?

When you carefully unpack your dog's new bed, you will immediately feel something different. A different quality, a different feel. 

Poppy's Bed is manufactured by xxxxxxxxxxx - a company that has, for well over a century, produced some of the most luxurious bedding anywhere, supplying European Royalty, luxury hotels, resorts and fine stores, all dedicated to satisfying illustrious, discerning clientele.

Inspired by our unforgettable Poppy, and realizing the need for wonderfully comfortable beds for active dogs to relax on, we are now also manufacturing great beds for Man's (and Woman's and Baby's and Everyone's) best friends.

And you will be pleased to read that your best friend's bed is manufactured to the same exacting, uncompromising standards of care and quality as the bedding enjoyed by those demanding two-legged 5-Star customers.  

Just a few adjectives, in no particular order, that aptly describe Poppy's Beds:







Washable / Dryable

Water resistant


Dogs love Poppy's Beds.

If they could talk, they would be our best sales "people".