Our Story



When you carefully unwrap your Poppy’s Pet Bed, you will hold in your hands not just superb quality but also a piece of History.

A History of Tradition. A History of Excellence.

It’s a fascinating tale that dates back to 19th century Europe, to a bedding company established by our grandfather and great-grandfather, the founder of the Weil tradition.
The company became famous for its superbly crafted bedding, made from the highest quality premium materials. So famous, in fact, that European Royalty appointed the Weils as their suppliers.

Our company also supplied great hotels, resorts and other distinguished, renowned clientele throughout Europe for decades.


Martin Weil, the second generation, relocated from Czechoslovakia to Australia, and he continued the family tradition: exquisitely crafted bedding, made from the finest quality materials.

And of course he supplied (as we do today) exclusive stores, renowned 5-Star hotels, and resorts, with the finest bedding. Quilts, pillows and mattress toppers, which all serve one purpose: to pamper the most discerning customers. 

So, we are proud to be the fourth generation of Excellence. Excellence that combines 19th century attitude and quality with 21st century technology.


Poppy, our unforgettable Welsh Springer Spaniel, entered our life as a puppy and immediately conquered all our hearts with her loving and lively personality. She was irresistibly cute and smart and brought out the best in everyone. And she was energetic and very active, too!

Which inspired us to create a pet bed as an oasis of welcome and relaxation after a tiring dog’s day, to face next day’s adventures well-rested and healthy.

To make a precious dog happy and relaxed, of course, the bed had to be top quality. And so, Poppy became our ‘cover girl’ for Mark 1 of the luxurious Poppy’s Pet Bed.

And although we miss her a lot even today, it’s comforting to know she’s still an inspiration for the even better Mark 2 edition of Poppy’s Pet Bed. A premium quality bed that we manufacture to the same world-class standards of care, excellence and materials as all our other 5-Star-worthy products.


‘Poppy’s Pet Bed’ is the result of decades of experience in the creation of optimum sleeping comfort - further adapted and fine-tuned by research and feedback from dog owners who insist on pampering their best friends. The result is a beautiful, luxuriously comfortable, yet at the same time highly practical, durable and easy-care pet bed that dogs simply adore.

Your best friend will adore it, too. Which, in turn, will make you happier, too.